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Nancy Ray Photography | Nicole and Matt’s Brookberry Farm Wedding in Winston-Salem, NC

This wedding. Oh, this wedding. Nicole, can we go back and do it all again? It was certainly one of my all time favs. The linens, the florals, the cake, the couple… all perfection. And the terrible weather that had practically given me an ulcer all week suddenly turned to sunny skies on wedding morning and stayed that way all day. Pop over (link above!) to see the rest of the fun day!

Sneak Peek {Jessica + Matthew} | Summerfield NC Wedding Planner


Perry Vaile Photography | Jessica + Mathew’s Summerfield Farm Wedding in Summerfield, NC

Our 2014 wedding season has been chock-full of lovely weddings, beautiful brides and their maids, and some seriously killer details.  And Jessica and Mathew’s colorful farm affair was no different! I just got the film images back from the insanely talented Perry Vaile and I could not wait another second to share a sneak peek with y’all!  We had SO many fun details (read: slo mo video booth, popcorn, tassels, and sequins). More of this fabulous day to come soon!

How to Make Your Wedding Cake Flawless | Winston-Salem NC Wedding Planner


Whitebox Photography

I know that the majority of my brides (and grooms! love when it comes time to choose their wedding cakes…and I don’t blame them!  There are so many important things to remember when making cake-related choices and knowing that your cake (or cupcakes, assorted dessert display, etc.) is going to be a huge focal point can be a bit intimidating.  Don’t fret!  These few tips will help you make sure that you are prepared to choose the perfect cake for your special day!

1. What is the overall “feel” of your wedding?  If you have a specific design plan, color scheme, or overall idea in mind for your wedding, it is important that you consider that when deciding on the design of your cake.  If you are planning to have an extravagant and formal wedding, you want to reflect that in your cake.  It will be a huge point of attention for the day and a great photo opportunity that will prove to be extremely memorable.  If your style is more down to earth and casual, make sure you are sticking with that choice and pulling those design elements in through your cake.  For example, a beautiful yet simple iced cake with blooms for accent would fit the bill!

2. What season is your wedding planned for?  Every season accompanies a different flavor palette.  For example, if you are doing a fall wedding, you might want to think about more earthy flavors like pumpkin chocolate chip and a rich, classic vanilla pound cake.  Spring and summer are always good for lighter cakes like lemon almond or fresh strawberry. Ultimately, your flavor selections come down to your taste preferences and how simple (or different!) you choose to be.

3. Who are your guests?  It is very important to consider the range of guests you are going to be having attend your wedding.  Do you have an older, more traditional crowd who won’t likely prefer any fancy or complicated cake flavors?  Do you have a younger crowd who you know loves a modern and unique flavor and style and is willing to try just about anything?  Chances are you have a combination of both and you will definitely want to cater to all so everyone, including yourself, is happy at the end of the day.  I recommend selecting three cake flavors when possible: something neutral and classic, something fruity or seasonal, and something chocolate-y. When in doubt, stick to classic flavors like red velvet that are familiar to everyone!

See some awesome cake ideas on our cake inspiration post here, from past LPW Weddings!

Inspiration Monday | Winston-Salem Wedding Planner

What’s one of the most important decisions you have to make leading up to your wedding day?  Cake!  Ok, maybe in addition to the dresses, linens, decor, rentals, catering, entertainment, florals and so on and so fourth… but choosing your wedding cake & flavors has got to be one of the most fun (and definitely one of my favorite) pieces in the wedding planning puzzle.  From classic  vanilla to your favorite unique flavor of choice (yummm hummingbird!), who doesn’t love a good ‘ol cake tasting? And what bride doesn’t dream of the beautiful cake that will take the spotlight, second to herself of course, on her special day?  Take a look at these beautiful LPW wedding cakes, to get some inspiration for your dream wedding, that will be sure to satisfy any sweet tooth!


Anna Paschal Photography | Abigail Seymour Photography


Jagg Photography | F5 Photography

Liz grogan photography

Liz Grogan Photography


Sadie Higs Photography | Autumn Song Photography


Ellys Photography | McCardell Photography

julie livingston photography

Julie Livingston Photography


Perry Vaile Photography | Pasha Belman Photography

Cake3 \

Whitebox Photography

whitebox photography 6

Whitebox Photography

Becki Dickinson Photography

Becki Dickinson Photography

Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Florist | Charleston, SC Wedding Coordinator

whitebox photography -- carrie and nick - florist post

Whitebox Photography | Carrie + Nick’s Autumn Creek Wedding (here too!) in Mayodan, NC

Flowers are easily my favorite detail on wedding day.  They truly set the tone (and style!) for your event.  You can add that  pop of color your design needs or tie the bridal party together with stunning bouquets and boutonnieres. Finding a florist that understands your vision is important because even on the smallest of floral budgets, they understand the difference that flowers can make for your entire wedding day.   This being said, finding a florist that will work with you by finding the perfect florals and greenery without breaking the bank is possibly one of the most important factors in your planning process.  Bring your vision to life by keeping these questions in mind on your search for a florist.

1. What flowers are in season? Find out if your favorite flower is in season for the month or time of year of your wedding. If you have your heart set on using a specific flower, it is important to know if you will even be able to get them easily or not.  If not, you may have to special order them (which can get pricey & risky) and if it ends up being feasible, you may want to save special touches like that for your bouquet (making that special flower still part of your day, but saving some money in the long-run). Try to go into your florist search with an open mind and be flexible about the different types of flowers they might suggest depending on the season.  They may still be able to bring your vision to life by using similar colors or shapes of flowers that are more available to you at that time of year.

2. Have a plan. It’s completely okay if you don’t know exactly how you want every detail of your floral arrangements.  It is certainly stressful trying to make the image in your head come true right before your eyes and your florist understands that (which is why you need their creative eye to bring it all together!).  Bringing a collection of inspiration pictures (Pinterest is perfect for this!) and having a rough idea of what you want can go a long way. Your florist will do their absolute best to work with you and make your special day breathtakingly beautiful, but they have to know what you like (and don’t like) in order to make picture-perfect happen.

3. What is included? There are so many things we don’t even realize we need when it comes to getting flowers for a wedding.  Ask about vases and vessels: are they rental or are you purchasing them? Are delivery and pickup both included or is there a fee in the estimate? If you forget to ask these things, you might not find out that it’s an additional charge, leaving you scrambling to figure out how to get your flowers to the venue the day before or even day of the wedding.  Avoid the stress and make your wedding day effortless when it comes to florals by knowing what’s included in your package and making sure you have everything covered far in advance (ideally when you sit down and book!).  Delivery and set up are typically extra charges but it’s definitely 100% worth it to not have to worry about how your flowers will get to your venue and what will happen to the vases at the end of  the night.

The Loft at Union Square Wedding Film {Lindsay + Sam} | High Point NC Wedding Planner

I am SO excited to share Lindsay and Sam’s beautiful wedding film from Iron Kite Films.  As always, Neil perfectly captured their day from the sweet note Sam wrote to Lindsay to their crazy fun reception. This film is definitely one of my all time favorites!! So, kick back .. it is almost Friday!! .. and enjoy this sweet film! P.S. You can see L+S’s wedding here

Event Design, Planning, + Coordination: Leigh Pearce Weddings | Photography: Ashley Stone | Church: Archdale United Methodist | Reception Venue: The Lofts at Union Square | Florist: Just Priceless | Catering: Pepper Moon | Linens: La Tavola | Cake: Maxie B’s | Double Decker Bus: Royal Limousine |  Band: Hipshack | Lighting: Kenneth Eller  | Videography: Iron Kite Films | Hair and Makeup: Carla White | Paper: Confetti Grey


The Loft at Union Square Wedding {Lindsay + Sam} | High Point NC Wedding Planner

The wedding holds a special place in my sequin lovin’ heart.  My friends at Just Priceless sent Lindsay and her mom over to me with an awesome color palette and some great inspiration photos.  They were so gracious to really let me run with my ideas! I had been itching for quite some time to get my hands on the reception venue, The Lofts at Union Square. The venue is one of my absolute favorites–it is a perfect blank slate and has unlimited possibilities!   I absolutely loved every minute of planning with Lindsay and I am beyond excited to finally share Lindsay and Sam’s wedding day!  Stay tuned tomorrow to see their amazing wedding film!

loft at union square high point wedding 3 loft at union square high point wedding 10

The girls spent the morning at Lindsay’s parents home being primped and dolled up for the big day. The ladies dresses really set the tone for our bright color palette!

loft at union square high point wedding 2 loft at union square high point wedding 12

How adorable is Sam’s son, Cole? I am pretty sure all of the LPW gals and I have a crush on him.

loft at union square high point wedding 13 loft at union square high point wedding 14 loft at union square high point wedding 15 loft at union square high point wedding 4 loft at union square high point wedding 17

We sent the whole bridal party over to the reception in a giant red double decker bus!

loft at union square high point wedding 5 loft at union square high point wedding 16 loft at union square high point wedding 6 loft at union square high point wedding 18

The Lofts serve as a furniture showroom so there are lots of awesome pieces of furniture to be used! We took these ottomans and made a lounge for guests to enjoy.

loft at union square high point wedding 21 loft at union square high point wedding 7

I am still swooning over these sequin linens.

loft at union square high point wedding 19 loft at union square high point wedding 20

Kasey, my go-to paper gal with Confetti Grey, created the most beautiful invitation suite for us.

loft at union square high point wedding 1 loft at union square high point wedding 22 loft at union square high point wedding 10 loft at union square high point wedding 25

As always, Maxie B’s creates a masterpiece!

loft at union square high point wedding 24 loft at union square high point wedding 9 loft at union square high point wedding 26

Event Design, Planning, + Coordination: Leigh Pearce Weddings | Photography: Ashley Stone | Church: Archdale United Methodist | Reception Venue: The Lofts at Union Square | Florist: Just Priceless | Catering: Pepper Moon | Linens: La Tavola | Cake: Maxie B’s | Double Decker Bus: Royal Limousine |  Band: Hipshack | Lighting: Kenneth Eller  | Videography: Iron Kite Films | Hair and Makeup: Carla White | Paper: Confetti Grey