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I have been on pins and needles DYING to share Erin and Andrew’s amazing day!  It was not only one of my all time favorite designs, but SO much fun to plan. Erin and I had a million and one awesome ideas that all beautifully came together. I will be posting my full recap of the day soon, but for now, hop over to Style Me Pretty to see the full feature!!

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I absolutely ADORE Lauren over at Every Last Detail. She has this amazing ability to share information for brides IN DETAIL that, in my opinion, other wedding publications do not do. She gets down to the nitty gritty and is honest about what really will help you plan your wedding. She asked for some advice recently on how wedding professionals can save you money and was so nice to share some of my thoughts! Thanks, Lauren!!! See the whole article here!

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There are endless perks to working with an event planner!

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Throwback Thursday | Charlotte NC Wedding Planner

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Autumn Song Photography | Blaire + Matt’s Revolution Mill Studios Wedding in Greensboro, NC

Be still my blush and bashful lovin’ heart. Blaire and Matt’s beautiful blush, gold, and cream color palettes is one of my all time favorites.  We had pops of pink throughout our details like linens, ribbons, and of course, the cake. Check out the link above to see the rest of the gorgeous day!

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Nancy Ray Photography | Nicole + Matt’s Wedding at Brookberry Farm

Hiring a bakery is a fun part of planning an event, make sure to enjoy it! No matter how old your  guests are they will look forward to enjoying your cake display, whether it be for the presentation of the cake or for a tasty slice for themselves.  These are some great tips for ordering your dessert:

1. When is your event? The pastry arts is truly unique.  It is crazy how much someone can do with a little bit of sugar!  Make sure you consider your icing (fondant vs. buttercream).  The problem is that is if your cake is topped in buttercream on a smoldering hot summer day, it is definitely going to melt. Talk to your bakery and ask what they could do to help prevent this if your event is during the warmer months.  You may be surprised that fondant doesn’t taste that bad!

2. How far in advance are the cakes prepared? Great bakeries will make sure that your cake tastes like it has been made that day, locking the moisture in with some homemade icing. However, make sure to ask when exactly your cake will be prepared. No one wants stale cake on their wedding day!  Also, working with experienced bakeries (like our friends at Maxie B’s) will save you lots of headaches.

3. Book in advance! If you know you want XYZ Bakery, book them now.  You may not be ready to pick out flavors or the design, but you can be certain your name is on the books.  Most bakeries only take a select number of weddings per weekend.  If you are tying the knot in North Carolina in the months of April, May, June, September, or October, call in advance.

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Nancy Ray Photography | Nicole + Matt’s Brookberry Farm Wedding in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

When it comes to choosing your perfect wedding invitation, there are endless considerations which play a part in making a final decision.  After all, wedding invitations set the tone early on for your special day.  Whether you are picking out each and every detail from scratch or DIY-ing your invitations yourself, the process can prove to be quite tricky, time-consuming, and a little stressful.  One of the biggest issues that brides run into is how expensive invitations and paper products for your wedding can actually end up being.  The type of printing process you use on your invitations will make all the difference in price. So, make sure you do your research and go into your invitation selection process as educated as possible.  These tips and explanations of each of the four most popular wedding invitation printing processes are sure to take a huge chunk of the stress off your shoulders:

1. Engraving ($$$$) : Engraving is by far the most expensive printing process.  It involves a lot of hand work (lining up the invitations individually to be engraved) which is a huge factor in the reason for the high cost.  The invitations are fed through a machine one by one where a plate is pressed into the paper creating raised letters.  They are then set on racks to dry, explaining why the printing time can also typically be longer than other processes, so make sure to take this into consideration.  Engraving is most commonly used for very formal events.  The highly labor-intensive process is definitely a costly choice overall for invitations. If you are looking to decrease the amount spent on invitations from the start, this might be something you may want to consider avoiding.

2. Letterpress ($$$) : Letterpress is my personal favorite print style.  It involves stamping ink onto the paper, leaving the design imprinted or depressed rather than raised.  A metal plate, inked with a rubber roller, is pressed onto each individual invitation.  This process can prove to be very beautiful, but requires high attention-to-detail during the process and also usually requires thicker types of paper for the full effect.  Another contributing factor to the higher price for letterpress is that it is typically used on handmade or more textured papers which can end up being more costly.

3. Embossing ($$$) : With embossing, there is no ink involved.  Metal plates, etched with letters or designs, are stamped into the paper of your invitation leaving behind an impression.  This process is more commonly seen as an accent piece in invitations (borders, monograms, return address on the flap), but can also be used in the text body as well.  The process also takes a little longer to print and is an additional cost, but the unique 3-dimensional effect is simply stunning.

4. Thermography ($$) : Thermography has the look of engraved printing but at a lower price.  This is definitely a popular choice among many brides as it can still look very elegant without breaking the bank.  Heat that joins ink and a resin-like powder together creates the appearance of raised letters similar to engraving.  The paper used for thermography is usually simpler and smoother which also helps with keeping the cost down.  Colored ink is always an option with thermography and printing time is a lot quicker.  Thermography is the perfect option if you are looking to keep within your budget but still get a beautiful formal feel.

5. Flat Print or Digital Printing ($) : Flat printing involves the use of high quality xerox digital printers (which is why it is often referred to as digital printing).  This style of printing creates high quality results through the use of digital files that ensure no loss of quality in your images or text.  Almost any color can be used in digital printing which gives a lot of options and opportunities for customization.  In comparison to the other textured printing procession, the text on a digital print is completely flat.  If you love heavy, thick paper, flat printing may not be for you.  With all this in mind, flat printing is done on thin paper and is ultimately the most cost-effective option that still provides a professional look.

Inspiration Monday | Charleston, SC Event Designer


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When planning your wedding, did you ever spot the perfect wedding invitation when browsing through Pinterest and just KNEW it was the one for you? That’s exactly what happened when I saw the gorgeous pink & green floral invitation above.  I immediately fell in love and was inspired to create this inspiration board.  I just love the use of anemones in the cake, bouquet, and boutonniere which brings together the exact vision I had in mind from the start.  They are such delicate and stunning florals, giving this inspired look such a sweet, sophisticated feel with the just the right touches of peach and natural greens.  I am completely obsessed!

Happy Anniversary {Meagan + Walt} |Charlotte, NC Wedding Coordinator

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Happy first anniversary this weekend to Meagan + Walt!

{See their wedding here}