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Iron Kite Films |¬†¬†Lindsay and Sam’s Loft at Union Sqaure Wedding

Today, my friend, Neil, the wedding film-guru-extraordinaire of Iron Kite Films, is sharing his thoughts on the perks of a wedding planner. P.S. If you have ever been on the fence about the importance of a wedding film, take five minutes and watch the above. I guarantee it will change your mind!!

I have been blessed to work with some amazingly gifted wedding planners‚Ķone¬†of which is the wonderful Miss Leigh ‚Äúmake-it-fancy‚ÄĚ Pearce! The difference that a¬†planner can make in the outcome of a wedding is pretty remarkable. From taking the¬†burden off of the bride and her mother to crafting a timeless event, a good wedding¬†planner is more than worth the investment that a family will make. From a wedding¬†vendor‚Äôs perspective, like myself, a skilled planner is an absolute necessity.¬†

When I receive a wedding inquiry, I take into consideration if the wedding will be¬†facilitated by a planner or not. The majority of the time, I will stay away from weddings¬†that are not professionally planned. Thankfully, 99% of my inquiries are from brides who¬†are working with a wedding planner. When I was first starting out, however, this wasn‚Äôt¬†the case‚Ķand I am so thankful those days are behind me! I remember one wedding, in¬†particular, where a friend of the family was ‚Äúcoordinating‚ÄĚ the day as a favor to the¬†family. While well intentioned, she was in over her head. The DJ was supposed to play a¬†particular song to cue the wedding party to begin walking down the aisle. None of this¬†had been communicated to him‚Ķuntil I asked when he was going to get the show on¬†the road. The song he played was the one that was supposed to cue the bride‚Ķso he¬†just played it twice! The fairy tale entrance that the bride had anticipated her whole life¬†was put into the hands of a disconnected DJ. These sort of things should be left to the¬†professionals, the ones who make the bride’s¬†dreams come true.¬†

A great wedding planner can turn an idea into a reality‚Ķand assemble a team¬†who can make sure that the beautiful reality is preserved and documented in the best¬†possible way. My job is to tell the story that the bride and groom are¬†starring in‚Ķand this is so much¬†easier when there is a ‚Äúdirector‚ÄĚ to oversee the flow of the day. A planner really is the¬†director, and if this director is missing, the day becomes more like an exercise in survival¬†instead of storytelling. With a great planner at the helm, the canvas that I‚Äôm presented¬†with is gorgeously decorated, seamlessly consistent, and like a fairytale. I love walking¬†into a wedding with the confidence that I can point the camera almost anywhere and¬†have a beautiful shot.¬†

Another misconception is ‚Äúcertainly with the amount of weddings I‚Äôve been to, it¬†won‚Äôt be that difficult to keep the day organized and flowing.‚ÄĚ The easiest way to trainwreck¬†a wedding is poor planning, which also involves anticipating the ‚Äúwhat ifs.‚Ä̬†Again, from a vendor‚Äôs perspective, a good plan is vital. Should I stay with the bride or¬†do I have 15 minutes to grab the guys praying? Will the wedding party enter through¬†the main door or through the side door? Is the bride a daddy‚Äôs girl and, if so, when will¬†she see him the first time on the big day? These are all tiny details that seem to get lost¬†in the shuffle when no planner is involved; but somehow‚Ķas if by some sixth sense, the¬†professional wedding planner seems to know all of these intricate details of the day! ¬†And when the planner knows, we all know‚Ķand the fairytale wedding becomes a¬†beautiful reality.¬†

Inspiration Monday | Roaring Gap NC Wedding Planner

earthy falll purple inspiration wedding board

Alexa’s Photography | Stella + Jon’s Wedding in¬†Elkin, North Carolina

Woodsy, organic, cozy, personal, and¬†handmade. That describes Stella and Jon’s wedding style to a T. ¬†These two love birds tied the knot on the front porch at Jon’s mother’s home with a reception at a local restaurant to follow. Every detail was thoughtful, just like Stella and Jon. So¬†how do you¬†get this look? Stella was the ultimate thrifter and DIY bride. She made all of¬†her paper details and collected beautiful vases for¬†her centerpieces while leaving¬†her flowers to the experts (Amy Lynne Originals is the best! Still one of my favorite bouquets to date!). We were all over the moon in love with Stella’s dress so we tied that into the cake design.¬†¬†Mossy details and pops of plum tied the whole design together beautifully!

Happy Anniversary {Erin + Brandon} | Winston Salem, North Carolina Event Planner

alexas photography - erin and brandon - willow oaks plantation

Alexa’s Photography¬†

Happy first anniversary this weekend to Erin+ Brandon!

{See their fabulous outdoor wedding here}

Throwback Thursday | Adaumont Farm Wedding Planner

adaumont farm barn wedding north carolina 17

Autumn Song Photography | Meaghan + Tim’s Adaumont Farm Wedding in Trinity, North Carolina

Guys, I am not a cold weather¬†gal.¬†Give me summer, sandals, and sun any day. You can keep your PSLs and leggings. But I do LOVE a fall wedding. The colors, the blooms, the temperature for an outdoor ceremony.. all perfection. I absolutely loved the fall look that Meaghan put together last year for¬†her fall wedding. Different shades of taupe and charcoal looked beautiful on the bridesmaids. Proof that you don’t need to¬†go yellow, orange, and red to feel fall!!

Perks of a Planner Vol 3 | Greensboro NC Wedding Planner

maxie bs

F5 Photography | Brittany +¬†Glen’s Groome Inn Wedding in¬†Greensboro, North Carolina

Today, my friend, Shannon, the event coordinator extraordinaire at one of my favorite bakeries, Maxie B’s, is sharing¬†her thoughts on the perks of a wedding planner. P.S. If you¬†have never been to Maxie B’s,¬†get in your car immediately and¬†go¬†get a slice of banana pudding cake. It will change your life.

Planning an event like a wedding is just like putting together one giant puzzle with lots of pieces to fit together.  There is so much involved in the preparation that is not fully realized until a bride & groom are right in the middle of it all.  Having a wedding planner assisting really helps keep things in order and is far more than simply the logistics of the ceremony.

To successfully plan, design and execute the wedding cake, a planner working alongside myself during this entire process is such a stress reliever for the bride!  When working with Leigh Pearce Weddings, the start of this process is very organized.  Our cake meeting and tasting revolves around a design board for the ceremony and reception.  With me being able to see what the bouquets are going to look like, understand the color palette that we need to work with and get a grasp on the feel of the reception, it allows me to better guide the bride with her design choices and recommend touches that will make her cake that much more memorable.  It is so easy to get off track and not have all of the details come together, but when a planner is involved with the design, the pieces all come together without worry.

Creativity is also something that a planner brings to the table.¬† Having unique ideas on how¬†to best display our cakes (like on a wine barrel or suspended from the ceiling) really do bring it all to life.¬† The difference between our cakes sitting flat on a white linen compared to being elevated on a crystal pedestal on top of a gold sequined linen is amazing.¬† Setting off the cake table with custom touches like Leigh uses for her couples will not only enhance the look of that space, but also bring it to life in a tailored manner.¬†¬† There is so much to be said about a cake table that is ‚Äúthought through‚ÄĚ rather than just draped with a linen.¬†¬† It takes time and experience to make it all work and a planner can do that for you.

With our wedding cakes and the details that we consider for each order, having someone that we can bounce ideas off of and know that we can count on makes the event much more professional and certainly less stressful.   Organization is something that we have not seen with all of our events. But the events that we plan with Leigh Pearce? We know they will run smoothly and have quick problem solving should an issue arise.

Speaking of problem solving! Shannon brings up a great point. And the picture above is the perfect example. Because of the heat, the cake at this wedding slide to the left on the cake stand as it was being carried to the table. The MB delivery gals and I decided that moving it back to center would be too much of a risk. Instead, I grabbed the champagne flutes for the bride and groom and placed them beside the cake on the stand. We had extra flowers that Maxie Bs had used to decorate the cake. We strategically placed them around the flutes for some style. The result? Everyone LOVED it! You would have never known it should not have been that way. It is one of my favorite cakes to date!!

Inspiration Monday | Downtown Greensboro NC Wedding Planner

downtown purple and gold travel wedding inspiration board

Pasha Belman Photography | Ashton and Brandon’s Empire Room Wedding in¬†Greensboro, North Carolina

Be still my¬†heart. Ashton and Brandon’s was the perfect mix of a elegant Southern ballroom and the couple’s love of travel. These two¬†have traveled the world so we played that up in their table names (and included a B&W photo of them¬†in that place!) along with luggage tags for escort cards set around a collection of¬†globes. Pops of exotic orchids balanced perfectly with fluffy¬†hydrangeas, calla lilies, and magnolia leaves for the perfect East meets West look. Follow the link above to see more details from this beautiful day!!

Throwback Thursday | Winston-Salem NC Wedding Coordinator

winmock at kinderton winston salem wedding 24

Autumn Song¬†Photography | Lacie + Clay’s Winmock at Kinderton Wedding in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

My favorite things from Lacie and Clay’s wedding last year: 1) these adorable wreaths and 2) Lacie + Clay. ¬†How dreamy is this barn shot from my friends at Autumn Song?