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If you haven’t already seen my vintage inspired board, it’s a must see!  Vintage inspiration is one of the most popular wedding trends right now. Pinterest is the ultimate inspiration source and there is a never ending supply of vintage goodness. So how do you find those beautiful pieces you are looking for (like those barrel bars or antiqued window panes?  It can be done two ways — rental or DIY.  There are so many considerations to keep in mind if you’re choosing to use a rental company and it’s important that you find just the right fit for you.  On the other hand, if you’re opting to be super dedicated to DIY, you must must MUST (did I say must?) make sure you have the time, money, & drive to get it done (nothing worse than an unfinished project and scrambling last minute to find something as a replacement).  If you’re thinking about going vintage, these tips will guide you in the right direction to making your wedding day dreams come true and hopefully lead you down the most wallet-friendly path:

1. Rental companies aren’t always going to have the answer.  So you see a picture or a vision in your head and you just gotta have it.  That’s it, that’s your inspiration, and that will be exactly what your wedding day will look like.  Right?  Ok, well first, where is your closest rental company for vintage pieces?  Are you willing to pay for delivery from a company that has what you want but isn’t even remotely close to you?  Do they even have that piece, or something similar at that?  These are all questions that you need to ask yourself before you become married to any ideas.  There are so many beautiful vintage pieces out there & so many that I’ve seen in wedding pictures but it isn’t always as easy as you want it to be.  For all you know, the picture you saw might be a piece in who knows where England…that the bride’s uncle built…that is the only one in it’s existence.  Now what?  You have to be flexible and open to new ideas and similar looks.  It will make you much happier, and much less stressed in the long run.

2.  Using one company will save you  in the long run.  If you find yourself with seven internet browser windows open, each containing a different vintage piece that’s everything you’ve ever wanted, stop yourself…. unless you want to spend your entire wedding budget on vintage rental furniture, delivery, shipping, etc. and likely not be able to afford to feed your guests.  If you can find at least one or two companies that seem to have almost everything you’re looking for, your honest to goodness best bet is to pick one and be open to things that might not be exactly what you had envisioned but that are similar enough and can be jazzed up with some florals and other decor.  A good rule of thumb is to pick a company that has the most items that you like.  Make sure to ask them about pieces you want that you do not see in stock. They may be willing to look for you and have great resources!

3.  Trying DIY can either be an adventure or a burden.  If you are the type of person who has a lot of time on their hands and an incredible knack for creativity, then you should definitely dive right in.  Just be aware of the dedication a project like this is going to take.  Usually, if you are determined to get it done & get it done right, you will.  Especially since it’s your wedding day, this might be an option you opt in for because you will be able to control exactly what you’re getting.  Maybe you have a handy family member, friend or neighbor who loves to take on projects like this….even better!  But don’t assume & make sure you talk your ideas and plans out with them before any commitment is made.  Make a detailed sketch with measurements so your every expectation is met.

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Vintage is the new modern!  Many brides come into the planing process knowing that they want vintage, but they just don’t know quite how they want to go about it.  It becomes particularly difficult when you find that perfect picture and say to yourself “That’s exactly what I want!” but can’t find that perfect piece anywhere when you start searching.  It’s important to have a full vision in mind (and the willingness to be flexible) so you don’t end up pulling this and that random vintage piece into your wedding design (which can also become pricey).  You can always go the DIY route (remember, this requires lots of time & effort!) or you could go the rental route (I suggest you try your best to stick to one company for cost effectiveness).  Take a look at these unique ideas to hopefully spark your creativity for a vintage inspired wedding…some of the links above even lead to rental sites to give you a head start!  What are your thoughts on going vintage?

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I am on pins and needles just dyyyyying to show you all the gorgeousness from this day! But, for now, I will leave you with these breathtaking blooms from Amy Lynne Originals. Those peonies are seriously swoon worthy!

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When it comes to choosing colors and styles for your wedding day, one of the most important and often most overlooked factors tends to be the fashion for the day.  Of course, the first thing you do after you say “yes” is begin the mission to find that perfect dress that you’ve been dreaming of since you were 3 years old (or maybe you already have it pinned on your Pinterest board!).  Suddenly, you’ve gotten so caught up in all the other little details that when it comes time to choose the bridesmaids dresses & groomsmen outfits, you’re stumped on how in the world you’re going to find the right choices to match everything else!  Have no fear, these tips will help you pick your wedding fashion from start to finish!

1. Start with your bridesmaids!  You already know that besides yourself, your bridesmaids are going to get the second most amount of attention & camera time on your wedding day.  Naturally, you want them to look spectacular and choosing their dresses is one of the first tasks you take on after starting the planning process.  You want to have plenty of time because matching fabrics to your color palette can often be challenging.  You might have an exact color scheme in mind, plan your entire wedding day based on it, and then all of a sudden you’re sitting in David’s Bridal staring at the 100th dress your bridesmaids have tried on and you aren’t even sold a little bit.  Major bummer! Picking out your bridesmaids dresses first will ensure that you are in love with them as much as your girls are, and its so much easier to adapt your decor & colors to coordinate with your fashion than the other way around. Make sure you ask yourself all the right questions when picking your final dresses such as whether or not you want them to all be identical, or if you’re flexible on different styles.

2. Groomsmen are next in line.  After you’ve chosen your bridesmaids dresses, it makes it one hundred times easier to pick a suit & tie/bow-tie color that corresponds perfectly.  Guys are so much easier to dress (let’s face it the options are a little simpler to choose from) and compliment to your the ladies than the reverse.  Take a picture of a bridesmaids dress or better yet bring the actual dress or a fabric swatch with you when looking for groomsmen attire.  You will be able to compare what they will look like next to each other.  If you’re having a really simple dress with little pattern and not super bright colors, you can get a little more creative for the guys.  Maybe you want to give suspenders or a fun patterned  bow-tie a try! Stick with something more traditional and simple if you know that you have a lot of style and variety going on with your bridesmaids dresses.

3. Don’t forget the flower girls & ring bearers!   It’s important to make sure the little ones of the group are in line style-wise with your bridal party.  They have just as big of a role and you want to make them feel super special too! For the flower girls, many brides choose a traditional white dress & use sashes or floral halos to coordinate with the bridesmaids dresses.  As far as ring bearers, it’s pretty common to make them an extension of the groomsmen & stick to a similar style.   You might also want to consider what your ushers are wearing.  This isn’t as much of a necessity, but making sure they are on the same page (especially if there are two or more) with their outfits will make everything look a little more tailored to your overall vision for the day.  Lastly, make sure you pick something that everyone will be comfortable in! The last thing you want to worry about is anyone complaining that they are uncomfortable.

For more ideas, check out this week’s inspiration board for a great example of a perfect bridesmaid & groomsman combo!!

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Today is my birthday! I am taking the day off today to hopefully enjoy some pool time (come on sunshine!!) and prepping for my beach trip this weekend. I could not think of a single thing I wanted or needed other than some sun and relaxation with B.  [Well, I may need a slice of some banana pudding cake from Maxie B's, but you catch my drift.]  I have everything I need except for some sand in my toes and a margarita in hand.  Make sure you pop of to Instagram, say hello, and keep an eye out for my birthday adventures this week!   Have an awesome week friends!

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Sunflowers are such gorgeous and classic flowers full of beautiful, bright color.  They can be the perfect touch to any garden, flower arrangement, or, in this case, wedding!  Sometimes, it might be difficult to incorporate sunflowers into your wedding day without being it too tacky aka by using far too many.  This yellow, tan & ivory inspiration board is the perfect example of how to pull off rustic with just the right hint of sunny boldness.  You can go a little heavier on sunflowers in your bouquet or centerpieces, but be sure to give some other flowers a chance to compliment and tone down the border-line overwhelming sunflower yellow.  Think white baby’s breath or yellow ranunculus mixed with light greenery. I just absolutely love the idea of cowboy boots with dresses and how cute are those unique casual brown bridesmaids dresses?!  These ideas will help you transform your sunflower inspired wedding into the perfect rustic country twist!  What do you think of these eye-catching ideas?