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Today, one of my dearest friends, Carla White, hair and makeup artist extraordinaire, is sharing her thoughts on the perks of a wedding planner. Carla is hands down the best person you can have in your corner on wedding day. She not only makes you look beautiful but truly feel beautiful. She puts my brides so at ease and, unlike any other artists I work with, she is FAST! She always finishes on time which is practically unheard of. LPW brides just love her .. and for good reason!

As a professional makeup artist and hair stylist, I am with the bride at the most stressful part of her big day…the getting ready part. All the months and months of planning are all coming to a head, and the bride anxiously awaits to see if all is going to go as planned. I am with the bridal party and her family often from 8 AM right up until the formal pictures start. Some getting ready environments are fun and relaxed and some are chaotic and stressful. The main reason for day of anxiety? No wedding planner.

I have noticed a huge difference in the level of stress on the bride and her family when no wedding planner is actively involved. What starts off as a joyful and giddy day, often turns to last minute rushing around.  The closer we get to the ceremony start time, the more chaos ensues. The more DIY projects a bride takes on, the less she enjoys the entire getting ready period because she is focused on completing all her tasks before she can sit down and relax. The girls that hire a wedding planner are way more at ease, mimosa in hand and leisurely getting hair and makeup done surrounded by friends and family. These brides are creating life long memories of their big day with their bridal party..memories that are priceless.

Wedding planners take most, if not all, the stress from the bride and her mother ensuring that they can enjoy the big day—the entire day—from start to finish.  Leigh Pearce is one of my absolute favorite wedding planners in the south. She takes care of everything. And I mean everything. Countless times I have witnessed her problem solve on the spot or save a dress from a last minute stain. She and her team take care of any issue that arise without worrying the bride with problem at all or once it was already fixed.

My job of beautifying the bridal party has its stressors in of itself, but when I know Leigh Pearce is on the job, I breathe a sigh of relief. I don’t have to worry about extra stress…my bride is going to be calm, beautiful, and have the wedding of her dreams.

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Happy anniversary this weekend to Ashley + Joe!

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Happy Anniversary {Carolyn + Mike} | Greensboro, NC Wedding Planner


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Happy anniversary this weekend to Carolyn + Mike!

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Whitebox Photography | Meghan + Brandon’s Graylyn Wedding in Winston-Salem, NC

If you have started touring venues for your perfect wedding spot, you know how much time and consideration will go into this big decision. How many people can the space hold? Will this be in my budget? What is included in the cost? And the list goes on and on. I have shared my thoughts on how to select your perfect wedding venue in the past (see those tips here!!); but something that is often allusive are preferred vendor lists provided by venues.

Preferred vendor lists can be a wonderful thing! Most venues provide complimentary lists to their couples  listing those that provide excellent service at their location and have done so in the past. These lists usually range in category and budget.  A perfect tool to get your started in your planning! These lists are typically just a guideline and you are welcome to bring in your own vendors and creative partners if you already have some in mind.

B U T   C A U T I O N ! ! !

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Liz Grogan Photography | Brittany + Chris’ Starlight Meadow Wedding in Burlington, NC

Make sure to ask your venue if these vendors have paid to be on this list. You want to work with people that are recommended because they are great, not because they paid the piper. Also, if you are considering a venue with a list of partners you are required to use, make sure to ask about additional charges to use vendors not on the list. If you have your heart set on XYZ Photography and they did not want to pay to be on the list, will it set you back an additional $500?  What if you want to use the same makeup artist your sister did and she is not on the list? That is another $500 you owe your venue. This type of paid for vendor list (and kickbacks while we are at it) is generally frowned upon in the wedding industry, but certainly not unheard of.

That said, some venues have understandable restrictions that are of a benefit to you. One of which refers to catering. Some venues require you to use their in house caterer (no exceptions!) or you may use one of your choosing from a select list. As as former venue manager, trust me when I say, you want to use a caterer on that list! These folks have been in your venue before, know all of the rules and regulations, and can actually save you money from knowing your space so well. Sometimes there are additional fees associated with outside caterers so be sure to ask your venue about this in detail.


Anna Paschal Photography | Erin + Andrew’s Revolution Mill Studios Wedding in Greensboro, NC

Overall, your selection of venue and the associated vendors should be the right decision for you, your partner, your families, and guests. Some couples enjoy the easy shopping of a limited list. My motto is always to each his own, but I always advise to do your due diligence and research, research, research! Know what is an acceptable practice in the industry and do not be afraid to ask for what you feel is right.

Of course, it goes without saying that if you consult with a wedding planner, you can avoid all of this. We planners work with creative partners that are recommended to you based on their reputable business practices as well as your personality and budget not who is lining our pockets.  For Leigh Pearce Weddings, if a vendor offers a discount to me or cash in hand for booking a client for them, I in turn ask for that amount to be reduced from my client’s bill. My experience and services are a large investment for my clients so I want them to know I will save them money anyway that I am able.

I would love to hear YOUR thoughts on the matter! Please share in the comments below!

Happy Anniversary {Lindsay + Sam} | Charlotte NC Wedding Planner

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Happy anniversary this weekend to Lindsay + Sam!

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It is always a treat to see my clients featured on one of my favorite publications! Pop over to The Knot to see the rest of Meghan and Brandon’s lovely spring wedding courtesy of Whitebox Photography. Happy Tuesday, friends!